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Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)

The Great War Battle Honours: 14 Battalions were raised: Aisne 1914. ARMENTIERES 1914.YPRES 1915-17. Gravenstafel 1915. St. Julien 1915. Frezenberg 1915. Bellewaarde 1915. Hooge 1915.LOOS 1915. Somme 1916-18. Albert 1916-18. Bazentin 1916.Delville Wood (1916).Poziers 1916. Flers-Courcelette 1916. Morval 1916.Thiepval 1916 Le Transloy 1916 Ancre Heights 1916.Ancre 1916. Arras 1917. Scarpe 1917. Messines 1917. Pilckem 1917.Passchendale 1917. Cambrai 1917-1918. St. Quentin 1918. Avre 1918. Amiens 1918. Bapaume 1918. HINDENBURG LINE 1918. Épehy 1918. St. Quentin Canal 1918. Selle 1918. Sambre 1918. France and Flanders 1914–18. STRUMA 1916–17. Doiran 1918. Macedonia 1915–18. Gaza 1917. JERUSALEM 1917 Tel Asur 1918. Palestine 1917–18. Aden(1915–16. Tigris 1916. Kut al Amara 9

(The honours in capital lettering worn on the Colours.)

The regiment was raised in 1572 as Thomas Morgan's Company of Foot, The London Trained Bands which was in existence from 1572 to 1648. In 1665 it was known as the 4th (The Holland Maritime) Regiment and by 1668 as the 4th (The Holland) Regiment. In 1688–1689 it was "4th The Lord High Admiral's Regiment" until 1751 it was named as other regiments after the Colonel Commanding being the 3rd (Howard's) Regiment of Foot from 1737 to 1743 at which point it became the 3rd Regiment of Foot, "Howard's Buffs".

Great War

1st Battalion arrived at St Nazaire France on the 10 Sept 1914 2 Battalion in France on the 17 Jan 1915 6 & 7 Battalion arrived in France in June and July 1915 8th (Service) Battalion landed at Boulogne in September 1915 Transferred to the 17th Brigade of the 24th Division. The 10 joined in May 1918 they would all remain on the Western Front for the remainder of the Great War. 1/5th (The Weald of Kent) Battalion Territorial Force Landed at Basra and joined the 35th Indian Brigade of the 7th Indian Division in Dec 1915

The remainder of the regiment undertook various duties in the UK.


Veteri Frondescit Honore

Latin: "Its Ancient Honour Flourishes";