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Sunday 2nd August

German troops cross frontier of Luxembourg

Hostilities commence on French frontier.

Tuesday 4th August

German troops cross Belgian frontier and attack Liege

Staff of British Expeditionary Force appointed:

Commander-in-Chief: Field-Marshal Sir John French; Chief of General Staff: Lieut.-General

Sir Archibald Murray; Adjutant-General: Lieut.-General Sir Nevil Macready;

Quartermaster-General: Lieut.-General Sir William Robertson

Two German airships pass over Brussels by night (first hostile act in the air).

Thursday 6th August

"Battle of the Frontiers"

begins in France

Friday 7th August

City of Liege occupied by German forces

French troops cross the frontier of Alsace

Saturday 8th August

Mulhouse (Alsace) occupied by French forces

Tuesday 11th August

Mulhouse retaken by German forces

Wednesday 13th August

Four squadrons Royal Flying Corps fly from Dover to France.

(First units to cross by air.)

Friday 14th August

Battles of Morhange and Sarrebourg begin

Sunday 16th August

Last forts of Liege captured by German forces

Tuesday 18th August

Battle of the Gette,


WEDNESDAY 19th August

Mulhouse again taken by French forces

Thursday 20th August

Brussels occupied by German forces

Battles of Morhange and Sarrebourg end

Longwy invested by German forces

Friday 21st AUGUST 1914


British Casualty's 3

Private John Henry Parr is believed to be the first soldier of the Commonwealth killed by enemy action on the Western Front

Battle of Charleroi begins

Battle of the Ardennes begins

German forces begin attack on Namur

Saturday 22nd August

Battle of the Ardennes begins

Sunday 23rd August

British Casualty's 282

Battle of Mons

German airship "Z.-8" shot down in the Vosges.

Monday 24th August

British Casualty's 393

British army retreats from Mons

Battle of Charleroi ends

Battle of the Ardennes ends

Tuesday 25th August

British Casualty's 62

Battle of the Meuse begins

Battle of the Mortagne (Vosges) begins

Battle of Malines begins

Namur captured by German forces

Valenciennes taken by German forces

Mulhouse again retaken by German forces

Maubeuge invested by German forces

First use of aircraft for patrol purposes (over retreating British forces in France)

Wednesday 26th August

British Casualty's 877

Battle of Le Cateau

Louvain sacked by German troops

Noyon taken by German forces

Longwy capitulates to German forces

Cambrai occupied by German forces

Douai occupied by German forces

General Gallieni appointed Governor of Paris

Thursday 27th August

British Casualty's 202

Battle of Malines ends

Lille occupied by German cavalry

Mezieres occupied by German forces

Friday 28th August

British Casualty's 52

Battle of the Meuse ends

Saturday 29th August

British Casualty's 22

First Battle of Guise begins

Arras evacuated bv the French forces

Sedan taken by German forces

Sunday 30th August

British Casualty's 19

First Battle of Guise ends

Laon, La Fere, and Roye occupied by German forces

First German aeroplane raid on Paris

Monday 31st August

British Casualty's 14

Amiens entered by German forces